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Welcome to ChemQuest! We strive to manufacture and provide car wash chemicals for all types of car washes, including automatics, self-serves, tunnels and truck washes. Our innovative car wash products include High pH Presoaks, Low pH Presoaks, Triple Foams, Drying Agents & Waxes, Wheel & Tire Cleaners, and more!

Our team of industry professionals can help you find the best soaps for your business while providing top quality services that keep your wash running at peak efficiency. Use the links above to learn how a partnership with ChemQuest can increase traffic to your car wash.

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Explore These Featured Car Wash Soaps

Although we offer all kinds of car wash soaps, we would like to highlight some products that could make a big impact at your wash.

To explore our entire library of car wash chemicals, click here.

EZ Polish Blue

Triple Foam Polish

EZ Polish Blue

EZ Polish Blue uses new detergent technology to speed up the wash process, leaving behind fantastic results. Click here to learn more.


Ceramic Sealant


Silk will create an unmatched feeling on painted and glass surfaces, restoring and improving upon that new car feeling. Click here to learn more.


Vehicle Protectant


Rainshield can leave your customers’ vehicles with an extended shine, bit of protection, and a waterproofed surface. Click here to learn more.

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